Fulfilment und LogistiCs

Vireoloxx is your green logistics partner. With a green philosophy, we serve environmentally conscious and sustainability-oriented distributors and customers. Your goods can be put into our store at Vireoloxx daily, and we will take over the entire process.

The Vireoloxx and offices are located in Markrandstädt Sachen, close to the DHL air freight hub (HUB) in Leipzig. You can also take advantage of the central German location, with short travel distances to many parcel logistic depots.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Vireo is the first person singular form of the Latin word "virere" = to be, or to turn, green, and loxx is the modern form of "logistics".

We are innately green, you could say, and only use recycled and biodegradable packaging materials made from renewable resources that are not harmful to the environment:

  • Cardboard packaging made predominantly from recycled materials
  • Envelopes and padded envelopes made from paper
  • Biologically compostable packaging chips made from corn
  • Biologically compostable bubble wrap / air cushions
  • Wrapping paper and packing tape made from completely recyclable paper
  • Stamp ink with no added oil

Our packaging is biodegradable because it is made from paper and bioplastic; ask for a test package under info@vireoloxx.de

The recycling of packaging materials also plays an important role for an environmentally friendly logistics company. We therefore support for example PAPKA, the upcycling cardboard producer.

CO2 neutral shipping

Our shipping is CO2 neutral! That's why we focus on selected logistics partner with an environmental protection program such as DHL GOGREEN or DPD Total Zero. Thus, CO2 emissions are reduced and the amounts of carbon dioxide produced are offset by supporting certified environmental projects.

Our DHL GOGREEN - Certificate. This document certifies the offset of the amount of CO2 which was produced during the carriage of your packages in 2013.


When furnishing and equipping our offices we use ecologically sustainable products. Vireoloxx practices the standards of an energy efficient, paperless and efficient office:

  • Emails are not printed out
  • Environmentally friendly paper (Blue Angel certified)
  • Efficient modern inkjet printers use less ink
  • In printing and note-taking, both sides of the paper are used
  • Stationery is made from recyclable material (paper, cardboard, wood)
  • Solar powered calculators, postal scales, etc.
  • Energy efficient IT hardware
  • Standby devices switch off automatically
  • Production of ecological promotional materials with a natureOffice certificate is as close as possible to CO2 neutral

Vireoloxx has an account with Ethikbank, an ethical and ecological alternative to other direct banks.